New Atta Chairman

Ross Kennedy elected as Atta’s first Africa based Chairman

One of the most respected and reputable veterans in the African tourism industry Ross Kennedy, CEO of Africa Albida Tourism and Atta’s serving Southern African Director has been elected as Chairman of Atta - Former Chair, Anita Powell of Small World Marketing based in UK, moves to Vice Chair

Ross Kennedy responds to his new position

I amvery proud to have been elected by peers and fellow professionals, and will endeavour to build on the huge positive influence and contribution that Tourism makes to communities and economies in Africa. Anita has made a significant impact in her 4 years of service, and together with the Board, we will strive to grow Atta and the profile of Tourism in the coming years.

  CEO Nigel Vere Nicoll comments

 Two record making landmarks were reached at Indaba this week when Ross Kennedy from Africa Albida, one of Southern Africa’s highest profile tourism leaders took on the Chairmanship of our Association. The first Africa based Chairman in the association’s history, Ross follows in the footsteps of Anita Powell who was the first ever Chair to be elected for two consecutive terms and will remain as Vice Chair. Our board has recommended that in future if the Chairman is Africa based the Vice Chair will be European based and vice versa. I am sure that Ross will continue to work to sustain the incredible growth that the association has seen over the last few years under Anita's watch"

Anita with Ross at Indaba 2015