South Africa New Visa Regs Impasse- a touch of Frost

South Africa - More than a touch of Frost

18 days to go and there is still an impasse on the new proposed Visas regulations that will be implemented on June 1st. Birth certificates will be required for children under 18 on entry into the country .

David Frost CEO of Atta's partner in SA, SATSA speaks out

FCO Travel advice

Travelling with children

New rules apply from 1 June 2015. If you’re travelling to South Africa or transiting through a South African airport with a child you must be able to produce the child’s full unabridged birth certificate.

There are additional requirements if the child is travelling with only one parent, with neither biological parent, or unaccompanied. See this information sheet for more information and contact the South African High Commission if you have any specific questions about your trip.

You can get an unabridged birth certificate from the General Registry Office if your child was born in the UK, or the South African Department of Home Affairs website if your child was born in South Africa.