ROAR like a lion at Wembley!

ROAR is an exciting new market leading, one-day workshop, organised by Atta ~ The African Travel & Tourism Association, to be held at Wembley Stadium in London on November 6th.

The main purpose of ROAR is to provide African travel industry buyers the opportunity to do business with suppliers from around Africa as well as learning from specialists from within the industry.

The workshop will be informative, giving you an opportunity to listen to the product presentations, meet the representatives and learn how to grow your business in Africa.

Using our new online matchmaking system, buyers and suppliers will be partnered into 15min meeting slots throughout the day. As well as the scheduled meetings, the workshop will allow time for open networking in the form of free appointment slots and breaks.

The day will close with an informal African Sundowner party providing the perfect opportunity for a relaxed networking session.

Our venue is the iconic WEMBLEY STADIUM making it easily accessible to operators from across UK and Europe.


For more information how to participate as a supplier or buyer, please email