Family travel to SA drops 10%

International family arrivals, which had been growing by 1.8%, have fallen 10% year on year since the introduction in June of the requirement for children under 18 to travel with an unabridged birth certificate or equivalent thereof. This is according to the latest figures from ForwardKeys, which monitors future travel patterns by analysing 14 million reservation transactions each day.

The ForwardKeys analysis shows a negative effect on family travel to South Africa from a wide range of countries, most notably France, down 29%; Sweden, down 29%; the USA down 18%; and Germany, down 16%. “Our data provides strong evidence of the negative impact the new rules are having on this important market segment in South Africa. The restrictions are hitting travel from countries around the world,” said Olivier Jager, ForwardKeys Co-founder and CEO. “The family segment was growing at 1.8% before the new requirements were introduced, unlike other segments, which were falling.”

Source: Tourism Update