Tanzania Tourism Board to launch travel portal for foreign travellers

The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) will launch a tourism portal this month to help tourists from different countries in the world to choose the services they need from Tanzania, making travel bookings in visiting the country. This will be one stop shop that would help tourists to buy tourism services from it.

The new system will help TTB to track the number of tourists visiting Tanzania and the kind attractions they are interested in. The portal will be directly supervised by TTB.

An online booking service is the way that will assist tourists get tourism services more easily.

Through the portal Tanzania will become better known in the world because tour operators, travel agents, hotels and other service providers will get a chance to market  what the country has as well as showcase the potentials of the East African country.

The main goal is to promote the country’s tourist attractions so as to attract more visitors to Tanzania.

TTB called on travel agents, tour operators including service providers to use this opportunity so as to benefit from what the country can offer to travellers.