Zambia among three fastest-growing tourism destinations in the world says UNWTO Secretary General

Zambia has been revealed to be one of the three top fastest-growing tourism destination in the world according to UNWTO Secretary General Dr. Taleb Rifai in an interview with BBC. Speaking this morning on a BBC Business Live interview, the inside track program, the UNWTO chief revealed that in Africa, Namibia and Zambia were among the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the world sharing the spot with China from Asia. This has been confirmed by His Excellency Ambassador Humphrey Chilu Chibanda who is Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the UNWTO and monitored the interview which was aired live on BBC this morning at 9:30 am British time. The UNWTO Chief was speaking to BBC this morning as part of the program for the World Travel Market taking place in London, United Kingdom.

Ambassador Chibamba has said since the co-hosting the UNWTO General in 2013, the tourism industry in Zambia is growing at a faster rate, and the government continues to implement policies that will sustain this growth in the sector. Ambassador Chibanda said some contributing factors to Zambia’s growing tourism industry are deliberate policies that government has adopted and implemented such as the Kaza-Univisa which was launched last year in November with Zimbabwe. The Kaza-Univisa allows tourists to obtain one visa and be able to visit both countries without the need for another visa. In addition, the continued infrastructure development on the country’s roads and the strategic marketing plan adopted by the Zambia Tourism Board are all contributing to tourism growth in Zambia. Further, the recently-introduced online visa application introduced by the government for travelers to Zambia is expected to boost tourist inflow to Zambia.

Ambassador Chibanda says government is not taking the revelation by the UNWTO Secretary General lightly that Zambia is among the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the world, and that the country will leverage on this and ensure that tourism becomes one of the pillars of its economy and contribute to poverty alleviation.