Uganda: 2016 - Uganda Will Be a Hot Tourist Destination

Uganda is getting there and indeed the power is now with us to flaunt our tourism industry.

Just like in the last few years, Uganda continues to do well on the global charts in terms of having some of the world's tourism hotspots.

Uganda, according to Business Insider, will be among the 12 key destinations that tourists must look out for in 2016 if they are to get value for their money.

"2016 is all about emerging destinations. Wilderness, wildlife and culture; these themes will illuminate the year's travel itineraries," Anisha Shah, a broadcast journalist and photojournalist, specialising in travel to emerging destinations wrote in her article on Business Insider.

Anisha is a veteran broadcast journalist with key global broadcast and publication houses, including BBC, CNN, BBC Travel and Huffington Post.

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Source: allAfrica