Interesting: Focus on Culinary Travel

As anyone who regularly scrolls through photos on Instagram knows, #foodporn is huge.

As is #foodie and, of course, #food.

Those three hashtags had been posted collectively almost 300 million times as of press time.

Our growing food obsession has taken on new vigor in the social media, food-porn era, where a meal doesn't go by that isn't splashed across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr, shared with millions of followers around the world.  

Nothing has been a better vehicle to both demonstrate and fuel the rapid growth of food tourism than social media, with culinary travelers giving their followers the opportunity to ogle dishes from Shanghai to Chicago, showing off different cultures through cuisine and whetting millions of appetites for a chance to experience a world of great dining.

What follows are essays by Travel Weekly reporters and editors identifying some of the trends that have emerged from the growing demand for unique culinary experiences on cruise ships, in hotels, on tours and even in the air.

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