SA Immigration directive - Machine Readable Travel Documents

To comply with regulation 2(1)(a) of the Immigration Regulations, 2014 only MACHINE READABLE TRAVEL DOCUMENTS (MRTDs) will be accepted to enter South Africa with effect from 24 November 2015. Please note that extended passports won't be accepted any longer. For this reason we advise to check your travel documents.

• In the case of a bona fide emergency situation, travellers utilising issued Emergency Travel Documents will be allowed to enter and depart from South Africa.

• Travellers who entered South Africa before 24 November 2015 on non-MRTDs will be allowed to depart and return to their countries of origin or residence.

• Travellers who entered South Africa with a MRTD and lost it will be allowed to depart with Emergency Travel Documents.

For more information contact your local Department of Home Affairs Office.