Ethiopia implementing five-year tourism master plan

Ethiopia has begun implementing its five-year tourism master plan, a plan formulated to bring about lasting solution by addressing problems in the sector.

The country is working to attain the target set to obtain more than 6 billion US dollars from tourism at the end of the second five-year Growth and Transformation Plan, which is under implementation now.

Ethiopia also aspires to increase the number of foreign visitors by threefold from the current 800,000 and the number of domestic tourists to 15 million.

In order to achieve this target, the country should carry out integrated activities and do a lot particularly in the areas of promotion and market linkage, say tour operators.

Offering integrated and good services at tourist destination sites helps to attain the target, they said.

According to Solomon Taddese, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO), the master plan has a package which offers support for investors interested to engage in the sector.

The plan enables the country to expand tourist destinations, infrastructures and other related facilities in an integrated way, he said, adding due attention has also been given for market linkage and promotional works.

Offering modern tourist service, preparation of information desk and website, including working with international media are some of the areas which earned attention in the plan, according to Solomon.

Woldegebriel Berhe, marketing team leader at ETO, said five new tourist destinations, including those 15 sites known worldwide, were upgraded based on the new master plan.

The newly reveal Ethiopia’s brand “Ethiopia, Land of Origins” was chosen since the country is origin of mankind and coffee, he said.

In addition to reinforcing the ongoing activities, opening a training center to produce skilled manpower is the Organization’s future plan, he said.