TTB Launches E-Marketing Campaign

In a bid to promote tourist attractions, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has embarked on global e-marketing campaign by developing a modern destination online tourism portal and Application.

Launching the online system in Dar es Salaam, TTB said the online services will help much on promoting the tourism attractions existing in the country.

"Due to the growth of technology globally, especially internet, many tourists prefer using online systems to access tourism information and it is the reason why we decide to come up with the application and the website," he said.

Following the introduced online portal, many tourism firms especially Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs (SMEs) will be supported to increase their earnings and conduct their business more easily.

Moreover, the portal will serve as tool for directly accessing tourist markets as well as online payment, a move that will allow tourists to directly pay for the service providers in the country and enable government pocket its rightful revenue income as well as tourism agents.

"The Tanzania Tourism App, contains detailed information on various tourist destinations in Tanzania, among other things the App gives includes an overview of what Tanzania can offer as unique tourist destination in Africa, things to do, hospitality services and how to plan their trips just to mention a few," he noted.

The introduction of e-marketing campaign is expected to bolster the tourism industry in the country as well as make it more a foreign exchange spinner. Tanzanians were urged to use both products when scheduling their local tourism visits during their holidays, as the products were not designed for foreigners alone.

Source: AllAfrica