Another chance to market Zambia’s tourism

The launch of a flight between Cape Town and Livingstone by Kenya Airways is a boost to the tourism sector and a true collaboration that further cements relations between Kenya and Zambia.

The flights between South Africa and Zambia will give an opportunity to tourists to visit places of interest in both countries.

But much more so for Zambia, whose tourism figures need a boost.

Kenya Airways has launched a flight to Cape Town via Livingstone, Zambia’s tourism capital.

The flight will run three times a week and this means some increased tourism benefits for Zambia.

With this corridor now open, it means Zambia stands in the middle, placing it between two tourist destination giants. In this position, it is likely to get tourists from the East and the South.

Livingstone or Zambia in general, further comes into a position where it will likely receive visitors from Europe who fly from there directly to Cape Town.

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Source: Zambia Daily Mail