Celebrating World Elephant Day

Today is World Elephant Day, an occasion to celebrate these magnificent animals and draw attention to the challenges they still face.

Two reports released in time for next month's CITES* conference show that elephant poaching in Africa is leveling off, and even decreasing in some areas. While there have been some big successes in recent years (including a 79% reduction in poaching in Kenya over the past 3 years, thanks largely to the strong efforts of many of Tusk’s project partners), the news is not all good.

Poaching remains very high in Central and West Africa, and South Africa's Kruger National Park has recorded a recent spike in poaching. Furthermore, reductions in poaching in some areas may simply be the result of already depleted populations.

International efforts to end the poaching have been gaining momentum, but more is still urgently needed, including from the UK Government, which must do more to end Britain’s domestic market in ivory and close loopholes exploited by criminals.

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Source: Tusk