South African Tourism's #RollingInRands activation

Event's travel sector report looks at a recent South African Tourism activation, which was developed with agency BD Network.


South African Tourism wanted to showcase why the country's rand offers phenomenal value for UK consumers, making it a great time to experience the destination. It aimed to surprise and delight its target audience, enabling them to experience this great value for themselves in a fun, engaging and positively disruptive way.

The organisation created the South African Tourism Vending Machine, positioned in high-footfall locations where consumers would be invited to interact and discover the value of the rand for themselves.

Via a digital game, they could find out how they (and their pounds) were very valued in South Africa by guessing how much holiday-themed prizes and South African experiences were worth.

South African Tourism also wanted to generate content by incorporating cameras into the stand to capture reactions, creating photo opportunities and encouraging consumers to share them via #RollingInRands.


Developed with agency BD Network, the activation took place at both Waterloo and King's Cross stations in late February and early March. BD Network's in-house staffing team, The Staff Room, trained and managed staff at the sites.

After playing the digital game, consumers were invited to have their photo taken for a chance to win two flights to South Africa. A data-capturing app also featured, which gave South African Tourism access to useful consumer data and offered consumers an additional opportunity to win flights to South Africa in return for their participation.

Various collateral elements, including discount leaflets, were produced and handed out by staff, with the aim of encouraging future bookings and consideration of South Africa as a destination of choice.


With the giant vending machine located in the middle of the stations' concourses, South African Tourism says the activation proved to be very disruptive, positively engaging commuters.

The support of OOH (Out of Home) digital screens ensured there were 1,120,124 opportunities to see the activity, according to the organisation.

At peak times, queues of consumers waited to play the game and share their data. More than 2,650 prizes were won over the four days - from surf boards to biltong - and 2,000 pieces of promotional material issued, including leaflets that offered a ten per cent discount on South African Airways tickets. Also, 10,000 South African Tourism-branded Oyster Card holders were distributed.

On Reflection

Tolene van der Merwe, UK country manager, South African Tourism, said: "South Africa is an exciting, fun destination and so affordable. The campaign at Waterloo and King's Cross stations gave us an opportunity to engage with UK consumers and show them that they really are valued in South Africa."

Source: Event Magazine