Atta Medical Advisor to the rescue

Atta CEO writes:

Returning from a recent trip to Africa I was struck down with a horrible stomach bug, spending more time in the smallest room of the house, than my office! After a quick call to Doctor Richard Dawood, I rushed to his smart Fleet Street Clinic in central London. Richard has long been Atta’s Medical Advisor, a well-known expert in tropical diseases, with a regular column in the travel press. He explained that he had recently installed a new diagnosis service at his clinic - the only one so far in the UK - which provides super-fast, accurate diagnosis at the "point of care” without having to wait for samples to be processed in a large laboratory.

I duly provided my sample and was sent off to Costa Coffee next door to await the result. One hour later I was back in Richard’s consulting room, as he peered over his laptop which was whirring away like a Tardis. “Bingo” he shouted, as it spewed out the paper. “We have a result”. The result showed that I had somehow managed to pick up 4 different types of bacteria at the same time, of the E-Coli/Dysentery type, on my African travels. In my case, they were all susceptible to a single course of antibiotics. ”Multiple infections”, he explained, “are being increasingly recognised as responsible for many cases of travellers’ diarrhoea, particularly those that don’t seem to respond to treatment.” A couple of pills and I was cured in a few hours.

The process is not that cheap, I must admit, but worth every penny, saving perhaps days of discomfort off work. This new method of diagnosis means that you can get a result in just a few hours rather than days.  Richard also mentioned that as the long-time Doctor to one of the world's most famous Rock Groups, he had recently accompanied the band on a trip to South America. Whilst there, a high proportion of the entourage suffered from stomach problems. By sending samples by DHL to New York, where his colleague had a similar diagnostic machine, he was able to obtain an accurate diagnosis in just a few hours, enabling him to prescribe the necessary medicines and keep the show on the road. The new method is called PCR and detects the DNA and genetic material of the bugs that cause infection.

So, if you return from your travels with a stomach bug, remember although there are few journalists left in Fleet Street, there is one leading doctor there who specialises in tropical diseases, and he and his magic machine can hopefully save you hours sitting on the throne.

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Atta Medical Advisor

Dr Richard Dawood

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Fleet Street Clinic

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