Whilst Southern Africa’s Zim/Zam relaunch their Uni Visa, East Africa’s Tanzania, wants to go it alone


Zimbabwe and Zambia relaunched their Kaza uni-visa, today at a dazzling ceremony hosted by the Ministers of Home Affairs from both countries in Livingstone attended by Atta Chairman Ross Kennedy.  The visa allows visitors from 65 countries to travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia using the same document, and the announcement will be welcomed by the tourism fraternity. At exactly the same time local media in East Africa reported that Tanzania Tourist Board Managing Director, Devota Mdachi, has announced that her country’s priority was not joint marketing of East Africa as a single tourism destination, nor indeed was Tanzania ready to join the East African Community's (EAC) similar initiative.

So it appears that Tanzania will sadly not, in the foreseeable future be part of the EAC single tourist visa launched way back in 2014 allowing tourists to visit Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda using one multiple entry permit.