#BizTrends2017: Make 2017 the year of the emerging domestic tourist

2015 was difficult for the tourism sector. The overseas visitors on whom we rely to sustain our businesses did not come in the large numbers we expected. The 2015 Annual Tourism Report issued by South African Tourism found that about nine million fewer tourists came to our shores in 2015 than in 2014. This resulted in near zero growth in real terms in revenue from international tourism.

South Africa also lost market share compared to other sub-Saharan markets according to the same report.

2016 has been better and we look set to recover some of the ground we lost in 2015. But to think this means we can resume business as usual would be a grave error.

The pain that came with the drop in international tourist arrivals last in 2015 and the relief that’s coming with this year’s budding recovery should be the wake-up call to us all. The performance of our businesses is highly vulnerable to the swings in overseas demand for travel to South Africa. And this vulnerability appears unnecessary and self-inflicted, in some respects, when you consider how much untapped demand exists in domestic tourism.

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Source: BizCommunity