Cape Verde reports tourism increase

The exotic volcanic archipelago on the northwest coast of Africa is currently enjoying significant tourism boost.

The gem of the area, Cape Verde has been so far well-hidden from most of the holidaymakers preferring exotic hot-spots.

Yet, according to the National Statistics Institute in Cape Verde reports, the foreign visits in the archipelago have increased by 13.6 per cent during last year, with tourists from the UK, Germany, Portugal and France choosing to spend their holidays on the islands.

The island of Sal and Boa Vista were the two main preferred destinations among tourists, as The Resort Group and Llana Beach Resort have opened new locations here, two luxuriant hotels offering unique spa and relaxation programs. Accounting for 600 rooms and 500 local jobs, the two hotels can accommodate up to 43.000 visitors each year.

“It’s great to see that more people are discovering Cape Verde, though we’re not surprised as the islands have so much to offer. As well as the beautiful beaches, there’s plenty for adventurers to explore, from hiking to the top of the volcanoes, to kite-surfing, snorkeling or paddling amongst Sal’s friendly lemon sharks. And of course, there’s now Bikini Beach Club, which, with spectacular views over the ocean, is the perfect way to wind down with a drink or dance away the long mild evenings,” declared Charlie King, The Resort Group’s chief operations director.

Including 10 islands and 5 islets, Cape Verde archipelago is known for its culture and specific customs and is the ideal destination for tourists aiming for the perfect combination of fun, relaxation and exotic beaches experiences.

Source: Travel Wires