Chinese tourism to Africa spiked in 2016

Adventure-seeking Chinese tourists are becoming more interested in Africa for holiday destination.

The number of visitors who went to Africa in 2016 was mainly due to looser visa restrictions and new direct flights between China and Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa, among other destinations. In South Africa alone, Chinese arrivals were up 93 percent in 2016.

Chinese tourists are looking for new holiday destinations beyond Europe, looking to countries in search of exotic culture and services which the continent has to offer.

Last year, 121 million Chinese traveled overseas, that’s more than any other country in the world , it’s forecasted it will grow to 150 million, in the next few years. The growth rate since 2010 is 18 to 20%.

This is a population where only 6% have a passport. So the room for growth astonishing. More Chinese are turning to Africa for tourism , particularly ecotourism .

Source: Africa News