Demand is growing in the German market for Uganda Safaris

Thirty Ugandan tourism businesses and Government organisations are participating in the ITB 2017 international tourism expo in Berlin, Germany, from 08th to the 12th of March. The team’s stand is found ITB Stand Hall adjoining to partners Kenya and Rwanda and the delegation is led by the Uganda Tourism Board, the country’s national marketing agency.

This is the largest contingent ever of Ugandan businesses to attend the world’s largest travel show (see list at end).
‘While at the show, heads of businesses and government will meet and do business with international counter parts. Meetings have been scheduled by KPRN, the public relations firm hired by UTB to represent Uganda in Germany, Austria and Switzerland‘ said Stephen Asiimwe, the Chief Executive Officer of UTB on opening day,

According to a survey by UTB/KPRN, European tour operators reported a booking increase for packages to Uganda in 2016 and expect a continuous rise for 2017. The Pearl of Africa, renown especially for its mountain gorillas, shines in new splendor and enjoys increasing popularity and a survey of tour operators selling Uganda in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has shown a growing demand for trips to Uganda.

‘Last year, we saw significant growth rates for Uganda. 2017/18 is somewhat quieter, but we are confident that demand will level off at a high level‘ said Lars Eichapfel, head of the Africa product at DIAMIR Erlebnisreisen. According to Habari Travel, 20 years in the Uganda business and one of the dedicated specialists, the demand in 2016 was particularly large.

And in Austria too has the development been consistently positive: ‘We have been able to achieve significant bookings for Uganda and the product enjoys untamed demand. Over the next two years, we are aiming to grow by 30% per year‘ said Mirko Lukic, Managing Director of Best 4 Travel.

Since mid-2016, the Uganda Tourism Board has been represented with its own offices in Germany, Great Britain and the USA, and since then the marketing impact has been notable. With the help of a comprehensive press and media program, the country’s awareness is expected to rise and Uganda will be back on consumer’s minds.

The goal is to position the Pearl of Africa on the international tourism marketplace as a safe and diverse safari and wildlife destination alongside more established destinations in Africa. This marketing initiative is already bearing fruit. In addition to the African specialists who have been selling Uganda for many years, new operators have added Uganda to their portfolio, including FTI Tourism, Art of Travel, Time Travel, EWTC, Globetrotter Select and Africa Dream Travel.

Marco Stahl of Habari Travel summed it up when he said: ‘The diversity with which many countries are bragging, Uganda really has it‘.

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Source: ATC News