Eco-Tourism Growing as Key KwaZulu Natal Attraction

Durban Tourism develops and enhances the culture of eco-tourism through the creation of Durban Green Corridors

A host of tourism activities are being promoted by Durban Tourism across niches that include cultural, adventure and nature tourism.

Head of Durban Tourism, KwaZulu Natal attracts many eco-travellers. “We are hoping that this sector grows our numbers in tourism, attracts new markets and increases youth travel”, he said. One of the latest developments in the Durban Green Corridors initiative is the Green Hub in Blue Lagoon Park, which Sithole describes as “Durban’s Green Heart”. An innovative, sustainable and environmentally responsible building, it houses nature-based tourism and sustainable living information and also promotes responsible tourism product.

“By the city creating nodes like the Durban Green Hub, we are hoping to develop and enhance the culture of eco-tourism”, said Sithole. “I do believe that we have the natural resources and potential to develop this sector of travel, however more awareness, integration of local communities and educational campaigns need to take place, if we want to see real impact and benefit to the industry.” The Green Hub also serves as the base and trail hub for Durban Green Corridor (DGC) which operates canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, bird watching and cultural tours up into the uMngeni Valley, inland to Inanda Dam and on further to iSithumba in the beautiful Valley of a Thousand Hills. For those less adventurous, one can also simply go to one of the many DGC sites along the valley and enjoy some of the best picnic spots in Durban surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty – cliffs, dams, waterfalls, valleys, hills, a winding river and so much more

Source: ITB Berlin News