Marriott International looking to the promise of Africa

The business world has increasingly started to shift focus to Africa, and with global hotel companies aggressively expanding on the continent, this is possibly most evident in the hospitality sector. According to Alex Kyriakidis, ?president, Middle East and Africa, Marriott International, they have looked to the promise of the Middle East and Africa region for a good few years now.

“Our presence in the Middle East is now substantial and constantly growing, and we began a rollout of new properties in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2014, with the acquisition of South African-based Protea Hotels. That move immediately projected us into the top spot in terms of hotel companies’ presence on the continent.” The more recent acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts has provided Marriott with an even greater footprint in Africa.

Kyriakidis points to the significant change in parts of the sub-continent, where particular countries are enjoying political stability, and are free of conflict, for the first time in recent years. “This allows for economic growth and a consequent increase in business travel. At the same time, the international leisure traveller has demonstrated enthusiasm for visiting many parts of the continent, too.”

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Source: BizCommunity