Poaching menace leaves only 540 rhinos in Kenya

There are only 540 rhinos left in Kenya down from 20,000 in 1970, according to EarthWatch Institute, an international environmental charity organisation.

This comes on a backdrop of extensive poaching that has been witnessed in the country over the past 20 years with conservationists working round the clock to stem this vice.

On Tuesday, March 14, rhino horns from Kenya worth over Sh600 million hidden in two suitcases were impounded in Vietnam by police and customs officers.

The recent haul was disguised as regular luggage in a flight from Nairobi, where upon checks was found to be contraband cargo.

This came hot on the heels of another smuggling incident involving endangered rhinos, in Thailand from Ethiopia where 21 rhino horns worth Sh500 million was nabbed in what they said was the biggest haul in years.

These cases continue to dent conservationists’ efforts in their frantic attempts to preserve the few endangered rhinoceros species in the world.

According to the International Rhino foundation (IRF), about 500,000 rhinos roamed the earth at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Source: Business Daily Africa