WiFi among the wildebeest? Why not?

WiFi and authenticity? It seems that U.S. travelers are keen to have both when in Africa, leaving game lodges and tour operators to play a delicate balancing game.

"There's an expectation that WiFi will be readily available somewhere in the lodge, so clients don't even ask," said Craig Smith, managing director at New Frontiers Tours. He added that travelers are often more relaxed if they have the chance to bounce into emails once or twice a day and know that all is under control in the office.

"The trend is definitely that guests want both," said Sean Clark, director of sales, marketing and touring at Belmond Safaris. "They want to immerse themselves in the culture and authenticity of the destination; however, they still want to have a connection to the outside world as not only a safety net but also to splash about their experiences on social media."

According to Clark, the trend over the years was that guests would immerse themselves solely in the destination without a care for being connected to the outside world. However, nowadays, this trend has morphed into guests wanting the best of both worlds.

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Source: Travel Weekly