East Africa: Tour d'EAC 2017 - the Tourism Circuit

At least eight Unesco World Heritage sites, including the ancient cradle of mankind, the Olduvai Gorge, spectacular landmarks and scenery, wildlife and odd gastronomical tastes will be part of the allure when 70 participants -- the majority of them cyclists -- hit the road on August 1, on a circuit that starts and ends in Kampala.

This is the Tour d'EAC 2017, an initiative of Campfire Logs Guild, an adventure youth group that is using its outdoors activities to push the East African Community's integration agenda.

Campfire has released this year's tour itinerary, and it stretches over 4,500 kilometres, spanning the five EAC countries. The safari starts in Kampala, Uganda, and heads to Kenya through the Busia border, and onwards to Tanzania through Nairobi and Arusha, then heads to Dar es Salaam where the circuit turns around to head to Burundi through Dodoma and Tabora and then towards Rwanda and back to Kampala.

The route will take over 45 days, broken by visits to famous historical, cultural and natural attractions in all countries. It will cover 10 sections, each with its own appeal, adventure and tourist sites.

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