New attractions for tourists heading to the Ugandan gorilla parks

Along the main highway from Kampala to the South Western town of Kabale has a museum opened its doors near the trading post of Muhanga. The Great Lake Museum is part of the Satellite Holiday Resort, where travelers also find a small restaurant, restrooms – clean for that matter – and accommodation, simple but quite adequate and very affordable too. Standard rooms go for as little as US Dollars 20 though meals are charged extra over and above that rate. The receptionist did mention that for longer stays a special rate can be negotiated.

The facility is open since late 2015 but in some areas still a work in progress as the owners are adding more rooms to the resort which presently has 30 rooms and suites.

But my focus, when stopping, was entirely on the museum and its many exhibits and explanations about the Ankole clans and culture.

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Source: ATC News