Stakeholders expect tourism boom ahead of SGR launch

Hotels at the coast are optimistic about the future as they expect more tourists to visit their facilities once the standard gauge railway (SGR) passenger train commences services between Mombasa and Nairobi next week.

Tourism players have been touted as one of the major beneficiaries of the Sh327 billion mega project due to the fact that rail transport will now be faster while being cheaper than air travel.

The line linking the capital to the country’s tourism hub will avail a more affordable transport option to both local and international tourists yearning for leisure and safari.

“People will develop travel culture as majority of them have never had the opportunity to travel by modern trains,” Coast Tourism Association chairman Mohamed Hersi told the Business Daily on Tuesday.

“Efficient, safe, and affordable mode of transport is key for sustainable tourism...the standard gauge railway is a game changer to the hospitality industry,” he explained.

Diani Reef Beach Resort managing director Bobby Kamani says he expects a boost in tourist numbers in the South Coast when President Uhuru Kenyatta launches the trains next week.

However, he called on the government to speed up the Dongo Kundu bypass project for visitors who will be arriving by train to Mombasa to enable them travel to Diani without passing through the Likoni channel.

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Source: Business Daily