#WeDoTourism: CEO of SA Tourism shares insight on boosting tourism

SA Tourism CEO Sisa Ntshona, led SA Tourism at Indaba 2017 for the first time since his recent appointment. He chats to us about his outlook of his first Indaba as CEO, and transformation and growth in domestic tourism.

What has your experience been like at your first Indaba as CEO of SA Tourism?

“It took a lot of effort. Sleepless nights have gone into setting up this event. We wanted to make a very bold statement that South Africa takes tourism very seriously - to the extent that we invited the president to be the one to open Indaba. This sends very positive signals around how the country is putting effort behind tourism. Tourism is part of the national development plan - a high priority sector – and we wanted to bring that to life,” he says.

Ntshona says it’s important that Indaba is positioned as a pan-African conference and is not just about South Africa.

“The world still sees Africa as one country. For instance two years ago when there was an Ebola crisis, the world believed that all of Africa has Ebola, no matter how much we say that London is actually closer to West Africa than South Africa, but they still looked at us as one entity.

“For these reasons we need to work together in order to drive our growth. There are about 1.2 billion global international arrivals – Africa only gets about 5% of that. These are some of the indicators so that we drive Indaba effectively,” says Ntshona

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Source: Traveller 24