#WTMA17: The fast changing world of influencer and social media marketing

On day three of World Travel Market 2017, Keith Jenkins, CEO at iambassador and travel blogger for Velvet Escape gathered a panel of travel bloggers and influencers, which included Melvin Boecher, CEO of social travel platform, Traveldudes, Mariette Du Tout-Helmbold, founder of Destinate, and Lauren Manuel McShame, co-founder of the outdoor travel blog, The Travel Manuel, to chat about the do's and don'ts of influencer marketing, the ethics governing it, and the use of social media as a destination marketing tool.

What stood out holistically throughout the discussion was the topic of trust and that, without it, only so much can be achieved. A brand needs to know that they can approach an influencer to tell their story in the best possible way and consumers need to know that they can receive the most updated and relevant information from influencers in the industry.

Storytelling is a fundamental part of any brand or business. It's the power of conversation. If a story is told the wrong way, it could lead to a loss of customers, engagement, and sales. As digital is on the rise, people are looking to influencers for advice on what to do and where to buy, and as trust, according to Helmbold, has become one of the most important commodities in travel right now, consumers are always looking to influencers lives, whether that’s via YouTube, Instagram, their blogs or Twitter.

The world is evolving and, as Helmbold points out, travellers are no longer just spectators, they're emerging and forming part of the experiential transformation of travel, where people want to connect. Helmbold goes on to say that marketing campaigns digitally has to comprise of understanding the psyche of the traveller, because as the world is changing, influencers have to evolve with that change, move and inspire people, and buy into a destination for communities and people to flourish.

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Source: BizCommunity