New report focuses on Johannesburg as travel hub

Euromonitor International has released a new travel report focused on Johannesburg as a travel hub for international tourists. Known as the economic capital of South Africa, Johannesburg represents 17% of South Africa's GDP.

Johannesburg is made up of many multinational offices in the financial service sector - including Barclays Bank and First National Bank - which has become the main industry of employment, and capital gain in the city.

Key findings

  • The city centre and surrounding areas have been regenerated into a creative tourist area, with the help of both government and private investment.
  • Leisure tourists spend their money on shopping in Johannesburg, especially that of regional tourists, as popular shopping centres boast international brands.
  • Southern African tourists have become frequent visitors to Johannesburg, preferring to stay with friends and relatives, due to affordable housing options.
  • Tourism as a pillar of economic strength

Johannesburg’s destination marketing organisation, Joburg Tourism wishes to present the city not only as a stay-over-for-a night or business and event tourism destination but also as one for travel. Tourism is considered a priority for the city of Johannesburg and a support system for its economic growth strategy. The organisation highlights the city not only as a destination but as a place where one can obtain experiences of art, neighbourhoods and shopping.

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Source: BizCommunity