New Winelands portal to unlock the future of wine and wine tourism

With the launch of the wine tourism portal, a one-stop searchable wine tourism gateway to the Winelands, the area and its tourism offerings are now just a click away and aims to inspire visitors to discover and explore the best South Africa has to offer in wine tourism.

The portal forms part of a new national wine tourism strategy and marketing initiative and is a key project of the Wine Industry Strategic Exercise (WISE). It aims to bring the wine and tourism sector together to attract a larger share of international and domestic travellers keen to experience destinations through distinctive cultural, culinary and outdoor experiences, ensuring that visitors explore beyond the well-known tourism regions. The initiative promotes collaboration and alignment between various stakeholders operating in the wine and tourism sectors, as well as government and the private sector.

With the continued growth of mobile devices worldwide and its undisputed importance in the fields of leisure and travel, the new portal delivers moments of inspiration to travellers, providing a coordinated platform on wine tourism with relevant information, links and online bookings also in the pipeline. The website steers visitors effectively across a wider network of wine routes and regions, providing big and small wine regions with a platform to promote themselves more effectively.

“We believe that this new platform will facilitate cooperation and communication within the wine industry, and allow each of our diverse wine routes to showcase their distinct offerings, stimulating local economic development where it is most needed, at the rural and local level,” says Siobhan Thompson, CEO of Wines of South Africa.

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Source: BizCommunity