Rwanda: Tembera U Rwanda - Domestic Tourism Drive 'Making Big Gains'

Inside Akagera National Park, Giraffes walk with the gracefulness of a royalty, Zebras gallop with the liveliness of a spring. They are home in this Eastern Province's plain savannah, a friendly place for animal habitat.

Hippopotamuses make their way through the water, while others are bursting in the sun to enjoy warmth after spending some time in cold water.

The six-hour drive inside the park offers spectacular view, making the 110-kilometre ride from Kigali city to the park worth every nano second of it.

Adding to the already fascinating animal population, including over 2,000 zebras in the park, more touristic animal species were brought in the park, including lions in 2015, and rhinoceroses, in 2017.

That makes the 1,200-square kilometre Akagera park the host of the 'big five' game animals - lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros, and buffalos - diversifying what Rwandans and internationals can see when they visit the park, according to Linda Mutesi, the tourism marketing manager at Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Mutesi said 'Tembera U Rwanda' (Travel Rwanda), one of the main domestic tourism campaigns, is playing a significant role in raising the prospect of domestic tourism toward achieving the sector targets.

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Source: allAfrica