Samara Game Reserve celebrates 20 years of rehabilitation

This coming November Samara Luxury Private Game Reserve in the Great Karoo celebrates its 20th anniversary we got in touch owner Sarah Tompkins to get the behind the scenes info on this unique reserve as well as their conservation efforts and upcoming developments.

Can you give us some background, how did you discover the area and how did you go about creating the game reserve and lodges?

My husband and I were visiting the battlefields in Kwa-Zulu Natal years ago with friends. We went to Rorke’s Drift and sat around the fire listening to the late David Rattray tell the tales of the battles that had occurred – it was a very emotional experience that brought all the guests together and got them talking. Afterwards at dinner we started chatting to our neighbour at the next door table, who happened to be an estate agent from Graaff-Reinet. He started telling us about another part of South Africa – the Great Karoo – weaving tales of its historical significance, the amazing herds of game that roamed there, the springbok migrations, the now-extinct Cape Lion, the characters of yesteryear and the haunting beauty of the place. We were captivated by the idea of returning the land to its former glory. On the spot we agreed we would go and visit the area next time we were in South Africa (at the time we were living in Paris).

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Source: Bizcommunity