#ShockWildlifeTruths: Rhino horn online auction pros and cons, readers respond

Major concerns have been raised about an online rhino horn auction that is set to take place in August this year, putting South Africa's domestic rhino horn trade parameters as set by CITES to the test, with the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) stating that it does not allow rhino horn to be traded internationally.

The DEA issued a statement with a compliance warning, to make the parameters of the sale clear, saying "international trade in rhino horn is, and remains, illegal, and steps will be taken against any individual or group attempting to illegally move rhino horn purchased on the domestic market out of the country." 

Although confusion still remains, as false impressions about the online auction are spreading across social media.

The Rhino Horn Auction blog issued a primary concern response, saying "after going through all the comments posted on social media in relation to the rhino horn auction, we noticed a few primary concerns about the legal trade in rhino horn. We’d like you to know that we have heard all of your concerns."

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Source: News24