Zambia Statement - Update 13 July 17

Further to the statement issued on 10 July 2017 after a meeting between the Zambian High Commissioner H.E. Muyeba Chikonde and Atta CEO, Nigel Vere Nicoll. There have been news reports regarding a State of Emergency from various media outlets.

In an additional statement from Minister of Tourism Charles Romel Banda.

"I want to assure you that the pronouncement made by His Excellency is NOT a state of emercency, rather it is a step that has been taken to avoid a state of emercency after carefully considering the issue at hand. It is meant to highten security to protect people's lives. What the president has done is to invoke the provisions of CAP112 under Article 31, a preservation of public security act just to ensure there is peace and tranquility in the country."

Minister of Tourism Charles Romel Banda