Air traffic disruptions expected in #Nairobi on 20th of October 2017

A NOTAM, short for Notice to AirMen, has been issued by the Kenya Airport Authority for Friday the 20th of October for two of Nairobi’s main airports.

Jomo Kenyatta International will suffer a closure to all traffic, inbound and outbound, between 11.00 hrs and 12.00 hrs noon while Wilson Airport, arguably the busier of the two aviation facilities, will have to shut down between 09.00 hrs and 14.00 hrs.

Airlines based at Wilson Airport, an aviation facility increasingly congested and with fast deteriorating apron spaces as recently witnessed, are now scrambling to have dozens of scheduled flights to and from the national parks and the country’s beach and upcountry destinations changed to accommodate the airport closure.

You know how things are, we are told or as they say directed, not consulted or asked for our opinion and if our clients must suffer, so be it according to bureaucrats’ answers‘ said a regular aviation pundit based at Wilson Airport when asked to comment.

Therefore, travelers intent to get out of the city for the long weekend are advised to contact their airline of choice at Wilson Airport when their flights are likely to take off, and given the congestion regularly seen and reported from there, there will be an almighty scramble ahead of the 09.00 hrs deadline to get flights airborne or aircraft to land and find parking positions.

As none of the departing aircraft will come back before 14.00 hrs will schedules be badly affected for afternoon departures and again are passengers advised to stay on close contact with their Wilson based airlines to ascertain when their flights will leave or land.

The reason given was that aerial fly pasts will be conducted by the Kenya Airforce on the occasion of Mashujaa Day,

Source: ATC News