Rhino poachers wipe-out Eastern Cape private game reserve's entire herd

Wildschutsberg Game Reserve owner, Greg Harvey is outraged, following the killing of his entire rhino population in the last two weeks on the private game reserve in the Eastern Cape.

Harvey told Traveller24 that five of his de-horned rhino have been killed in two separate attacks on the private game reserve. 

"Five rhinos have been killed in two separate attacks at the game reserve," says Harvey, adding that a total of 8 have been killed in the last three years. 

According to the DEA data, 11 rhinos have been poached in the Eastern Cape, while 19 were killed last year and a total of 80 in the last decade.

A frustrated Harvey says investigations and a polygraph test on staff will be conducted by the South African Police Services (SAPS), following the devastating poaching incident.

"It's in the police's hands. The police are dealing with it and a polygraph test will be done randomly," he says. 

While it remains unconfirmed if a contentious second rhino horn auction is underway, Harvey’s stance on rhino horn poaching and the sale of rhino horn remain conflicted. 

In a catch 22, Harvey says he will only invest in rhino if he is able to sell the rhino horn. All of Harvey's rhino had been dehorned and poachers killed them for the small regrowth that had occurred

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Source: Traveller24