Ethiopia: New Brand Promoting Tourism Potentials

It has been over one year since Ethiopia has come up with new national tourism brand , "Land of Origins" replacing its over half century brand "Thirteen Months' Sun Shine". So what needs to be done in terms of familiarizing the new tourism motto?

As it is clearly stated in GTP II, the nation has envisioned to increase the share of the tourism sector by five percent annually. Hence, it has to promote the new brand with this regard.

Indeed, many believe that the national new tourism motto "Land of origins" has been originated to generate the desired income in the sector within a short period of time.

Moreover, the new motto has something to tell about the country being the origin of humankind; named 'Lucy' and others.

For Ethiopian Tourism Organization Public Relations and Communication Director Getnet Yigzaw, the organization is actively working on familiarization of the new tourism brand jointly with the diplomatic community, international and national media outlets as well as hotels, tour and travels operators and other sector actors.

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Source: AllAfrica