#Indaba2018: Tourism's time in the spotlight

Over 1,000 exhibitors enjoy the attention of thousands of attendees including over 1,400 buyers from 68 countries at Africa's Travel Indaba 2018, which takes place in Durban this month. This iteration of Indaba is an essential one for the continent's growing tourism sector. Investor confidence is at an all-time high across Africa, but the continent faces challenges that are particular to the region, too.

Developing tourism in developing nations

Indaba is a tourism trade B2B affair, but tourism in the African context is closely linked to infrastructural development within the individual countries that make up the continent. From the digital revolution that’s taking place across Africa, where the rate of connectivity is faster than any other continent to the upgrading of airports, road networks and developments in the banking and retail sector, the shift is a rapid one. Further challenges include fledgling democracies creating an environment conducive to cross-border trade, since many nations have emerged from decades of political turmoil. Taking ownership of natural resources (oil, minerals, etc.) and ensuring that these form a healthy part of the economy has also taken time.

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Source: Bizcommunity