Malawi: 'Cycling Can Boost Tourism for Malawi'

Blantyre — Organizers of Winter Series Maxima Challenge have described cycling as one of the sport that could help in boosting the country's tourism sector if it were taken seriously.

Chairperson for the organization, Paul Kennedy made the observation during an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Thursday ahead of the fourth mountain bike ride winter series challenge scheduled for June 30 in Dedza."We have observed that online search by different people on options about touring Malawi, many choose cycling as the common mode of moving around the country.

"Cycling attracts a good number international participants, it gives tourists a better idea of the riding terrain and this is important to the growth of the tourism industry," Kennedy said.

To that end, the Winter Series Maxima Challenge is planning to introduce a three-day bike race as one way of attracting international tourists, according to Kennedy.

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Source: allAfrica