Ethiopia: More Works to Promote Tourism Potential

Culture and Tourism sub-sector is an important sector that has an impact on development of country's economy. It goes without saying that the sector has far-reaching impact on the socio-economic development of the citizenry for it generate income and create ample jobs.

In Ethiopia, this sector has not been well utilized. Still problems ranging from knowledge and skill, destination development, promotional works to adequacy of tourism infrastructure are ascribable to the reduced performance. Otherwise, unlike many other countries, Ethiopia is blessed with historical, cultural and natural attractions.

In fact, the government and few private investors are attempting to increase the performance of the culture and tourism sector.

Founder and Managing Director of Ozzie Business and Management Group, Kumneger Teketel, said the country has to diversify platforms to bring local industry stakeholders and similar international entities.

To him, the Hotel Show Africa, which was launched her for the sixth round serve purposes like this. There are continental and global players that could share their wealth of experiences to the private sector as well as the government, he added.

"As a private sector, we have been undertaking various initiatives that are systematically designed to address the root problems within the local tourism as well as the gap in our international marketing practices."

Adding, he said in view of the domestic industry, events such as MICE East Africa Foum Expo played crucial roles, with some encouraging outcomes, enhancing the overall local industry capacity by introducing latest international marketing activities, new business procedures and trends, thereby equipping local tourism industry players with diverse and sustainable international tourist market base.

The efforts are meant to assist the country become one of the major foreign currency sources and driver of economic growth. On the other hand, the main global market challenge affecting the industry performance is lower or no knowledge within the international industry regarding Ethiopia's rich tourism wealth and ample potential for hospitality and travel business, he explained.

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Source: AllAfrica