International Tourism Expo in Oct to Market Tanzania

Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has launched preparations for the forth coming International Tourism Expo popularly known as S!TE by attracting stakeholders to contribute ideas and how best to make it successfully.

The expo is set to take place in October, this year. The event means a lot for promoting and marketing tourism in the country.

Speaking during a meeting, which brought together tourism stakeholders, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Aloyce Nzuki, said the expo would be held for the third time in Tanzania and was expected to come with new innovations.

"Public private partnership is crucial. The private sector is key to this expo, that is why we have held this meeting as part of the preparations for the expo scheduled for October, this year," he noted.

He explained that the expo was crucial to promoting tourist attractions, such as Mount Kilimanjaro.

"Early preparations will make it easy for stakeholders to understand their role in making this expo, which involves various people from in and outside the country, to participate," he said.

He added that the importance of the expo and its sensitivity in matters related to human resources and expenses made it crucial to have early preparations.

"This expo is expected to bring many potential people, including tourists, tourist guides and international journalists. Through the participation of various stakeholders we will promote our tourist attractions and market our country to the world," he said.

TTB Managing Director Devota Mdachi said this year's expo would be coordinated by a promotional company, KILIFAIR Promotion Co Ltd and would be bigger and better.

"We have involved this stakeholder so that we can collaborate with them to ensure the expo scheduled for October 12-15 succeeds," she said.

KILIFAIR Executive Director Dominic Shoo said the main objective of his company would be to promote Tanzania through S!TE expo.

Source: AllAfrica

"I would like to congratulate TTB for having seen the importance of holding this preparatory meeting this early. It will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to come up in big numbers to contribute to the success of the event," he noted.

Dr Nzuki said the fifth phase government under the leadership of President John Pombe Magufuli was committed to ensuring the tourism sector boomed, thus fulfilling the government's objective.

He pointed out that the government's move to purchase Dreamliner 787-8 would boost international trips which was a good move as it would triple the number of tourists in the country.