New Cape Town bus routes to connect key tourist areas

As from Saturday 27 October 2018, there will be changes to some routes for MyCiti, including new route numbers. New bus stops will be introduced where routes have been extended to meet the passenger demand, and some underutilised stops will no longer be served. Many routes will also be replaced with new direct routes to popular destinations.

"By adding another 150 000 km to the service each month, we will bring the MyCiTi service closer to more commuters and to where there is a demand. For example, we will extend popular routes in the inner city, Table View, Atlantis, and Century City with 29 new bus stops. In addition to these, we will also introduce new routes, and more direct routes with fewer transfers," said Councillor Herron.

All of the new stops will be temporary for a few months so that the City can monitor the suitability of the location, and the passenger demand before money is spent on permanent infrastructure.

"We expect that the new direct routes to destinations such as the V&A Waterfront and Sea Point will be popular as no transfers will be required. The purpose of these changes is to improve the MyCiTi service to make it more convenient for commuters, and easier to use. 

"It is also in response to the changes in passenger demand to ensure that the MyCiTi service remains efficient and sustainable. Cities are constantly evolving and Cape Town is no different. People move around and adjust their lifestyles, and public transport services around the world must respond to these changes.

"There were requests for the new and direct routes during our engagements with MyCiTi commuters and organisations representing ratepayers, employers and employees. Some of the requests related to the revision of existing routes or to change the location of certain bus stops. This is our response to those requests and I am confident that the MyCiTi commuters will greatly benefit from the additional and revised routes," said Councillor Herron.

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