New app taps into Universal Accessibility for travellers

Choosy Loc8or, an app that is changing the way travellers book, search and choose travel, venues and entertainment, aligns the specific needs of a traveller to suitable establishments. This includes those that provide destination-by-dignity by means of Universal Access (UA), as the company believes that travel is for everyone, no matter one’s health, age or physical ability.

“We are huge supporters of UA accommodation as the ‘Go and Do’ section of the app will show,” says Grayford Holton, Founder of Choosy Travellers, who told Tourism Update that the app was launched six weeks ago in South Africa.

Choosy Loc8or connects travellers to suitable restaurants, accommodation establishments, conference venues, shopping malls, and more, once they enter their desired location and apply a necessary filter applicable to their specific needs, including amongst others:

  • Children up to five years old.
  • Elderly persons.
  • Persons with disabilities.
  • Wheelchair users.
  • Pet friendly.
  • Go & Do (where to go and what to do).
  • Pharmacies.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Special deals.
  • Conference and wedding venues.

In addition, Choosy Loc8or can be used to strengthen the traveller’s experience and also maintain loyalty by registering with a trusted loyalty card network, thereby adding credibility to any business. The benefits of the app, in summary, enable a business to generate repeat business, retain existing customers, acquire new customers, and reduce promotion/advertising costs. The loyalty card network comprises: 

  • Loc8or App loyalty facility has been agreed to, and will be used by 14 000+ family loyalty card holders.
  • Registered establishments are prominently displayed in the Go and Do section of the Loc8or App.
  • Wheelchair facilities offered by establishments on Loc8or have been endorsed by its partners, an occupational therapist with 30+ years’ experience.
  • FAQs on Loc8or App show a list of specific facilities that establishments offer. Loyalty travellers are advised to view establishments’ images that are specific about facilities offered and to confirm all accommodation facilities.
  • Choosy Loc8or App is a ‘billboard in the sky’ and essentially a service to the community whilst they are in their hometown or out and about, travelling through South Africa.

Establishments are required to register their establishment to access coverage on Choosy Loc8or App.

The details of Choosy Loc8or are best viewed by downloading the app, which is available on Google Play Store. Loc8or is in the final stages of the Apple Store process and will become available once all the administrative processes have been completed.

“We hope to have our Loc8or App linked soon to some of the best known loyalty card systems in South Africa  for loyalty card users to benefit from points earned on accommodation booked,” concluded Holton.

Source: Tourism Update