URGENT APPEAL: Mount Kenya is burning

Mount Kenya is one of Kenya's most prolific water towers, providing ecosystem services to millions of people and businesses in the country, and the moorlands are currently being destroyed by a huge fire.

Over the past five days, winds and extremely dry conditions have burnt hectares of moorlands and the fire is dangerously close to the forest. In some areas the forest is starting to catch – along with the bamboo regions. The local community are struggling to regain control.

They desperately need more funding for helicopter hours - dropping people and dousing the area with water and planes for surveillance high up on the mountain. Hours and hours have been donated so far by the Mount Kenya Trust partners Tropic Air, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and KFS.

They are working with the Kenyan government and local partners around the clock, but resources and funding for the scale of the problem are scarce. 

Progress is hard to say with winds changing direction throughout the day.

The Mount Kenya Trust need urgent financial support to cover the cost of fuel, rations and equipment. An hour running a helicopter costs $2,000 and already their partners have given so much.

Please donate whatever you can - every shilling, penny or cent will go directly towards helping to put out the fires.


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