Introducing Atta Advisory Board Member: James Haigh

James Haigh

International Source Markets

Company: Elewana Afrika

Director of Sales & Marketing

Phone: +255 (0)27 250 0630

Born and raised in London, and a graduate from University College and King's Colleges, London James arrived in East Africa to teach literature and sports in Nairobi.  James took charge of the Outdoor Education scheme and thanks to contacts in the KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) created a programme that brought his Kenyan students into proximity with the remote parts of Africa.

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, James has spent much of his free time engaged in the struggle for the preservation of environment and wildlife of East Africa. His experiences whilst involved in the complicated translocation of the critically endangered Hirola Antelope and a survey of Grevy’s Zebra in the Northern Frontier District of Kenya allowed James to develop a bond with the proud peoples of this immensely rewarding corner of the continent.  

Having worked as Director of Sales and Marketing for several prestigious international brands James counts himself lucky to have worked with and consider as friends some of the most passionate travel professionals in the world.

James sits on the Travel Advisory Leadership Counsel for JG Blackbook and has been a proud mentor to the Young Travel Professionals in the USA. Participating actively in Atta as a member of the Advisory Board will be an honour and a privilege!

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