Tanzania: Campaign to Use Arts in Promoting Tourism Launched

Deputy Minister for Natural resources and Tourism, Constantine Kanyasu has urged local artistes and prominent people to use their platforms to promote domestic tourism.

Speaking yesterday in Dar es Salaam during a launching of a campaign to promote tourist attractions in the country, the deputy minister said the campaign's sole aim is to attract both local and foreign tourists.

"Our attraction our economy" is the slogan that the campaign carries, he added.

The Deputy Minister advised the prominent people in the country to come up with entertainment project ideas and concepts that will promote the tourist attractions while the government assured them a support when implementing it.

"I want these prominent people to become ambassadors not only for tourism abut even for environmental conservation, anti-poaching. We want domestic tourism to increase government's foreign income," he said.

He noted that, previously, domestic tourism was less known, but by cooperating with these artists using their talents, it will promote tourism well.

Kanyasu further said, tourism contributes 17 per cent of country's gross domestic product and 25 per cent of foreign income.

"We are expecting to have the largest national park in Africa called Nyerere national parks after changing its currently name Selous. Tanzania is the world's second-largest country for having outstanding attractions," he said.

The Tanzania Tourism Board's Chairman, Judge (rtd) Thomas Mihayo, asked Tanzanians to feel confident and change their perception on domestic tourism and if they say they love their country they should understand it as well.

Tanzania Forest Agency services (TFS), Marketing Manager, Mariam Kobelo said the aim of this initiative is to bring them together and continue to use them in promoting domestic tourism and provide awareness to the public to make them understand the beauties of the country's tourist attractions.

Kobelo added that Tourism is an industry and she urged the public to build a habit of visiting forest reserves sites. There are 17 forest natural reserves.

Selemani Msindi popularly known as Afande Sele said he was delighted to serve as the ambassador for domestic tourism and he urged his fellow artistes to show patriotism by producing arts that promote the nation and its attractions.

Source: All Africa