Tanzania Tourism Board & NAS agree to boost tourism sector

The number of tourists who visit Tanzania is expected to increase following the successful signing of an agreement between the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) and National Aviation Services (NAS), which offer services at airports in Africa and Asia. The agreement was signed recently in Dar es Salaam.

The agreement will enable the company, which offers services at different airports to advertise and promote various tourists attractions in the country.

The NAS DAR AIRCO board chairman, Prof. Costa Mahalu said that the company will display posters and promote tourists attractions in VIP lounges and CIP lounges, which are served by the company.

Prof. Mahalu said NAS company is looking forward to promote Tanzanian tourism at 40 different destinations and that the move will probably boost the sector in the country.

"NAS Company will promote the country's tourists' attractions at 40 different destinations where it operates in East Africa, Asia and Middle East," he said.

He said the company is aware of the importance of tourism sector especially in building the country's economy.

Prof. Mahalu added that his company also offers tourist information exchange to travellers going to different destinations worldwide and tourism experience sharing with TTB and other concerned stakeholders.

He insisted that in the agreement signed with TTB, the tourists who will rest in lounges that are operated by NAS Company will be fed with important information on Tanzania tourism sites by getting brochures and contact information.

Locally, NAS operates at three different airports. It also carries ground handling work for regional and international airlines such as Air Tanzania, Fly Dubai, Air France-KLM, Precision Air, Ethiopian Airlines and Rwanda Air.

Source: All Africa