Uganda: Bush War trek to become a tourism venture

The State minister for Tourism, Mr Godfrey Kiwanda has said President Museveni's trek would be turned into a tourism venture, with at least three museums on the 195km route.

"We want to have it (trek) documented as the Tourism ministry. That is why my entire key members are here; Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Museum. We are also going to build a museum in Nakaseke, Kiboga, Kakumiro districts and Kabamba because that is our history," Mr Kiwanda said during the trek in Bukomero, Kiboga District.

"It has to be a talking trek in that as one moves, there is either someone or posts to show what happened at a given point," he added.

Mr Kiwanda said his ministry would also formally open up the trek for others to participate.

"I have had the chance to see the reality on ground and after this, we shall get back and see how we can officially launch trek," he said.

War survivors to serve as guides

According to Mr Kiwanda, his ministry would engage Bush War survivors to, among things, serve as tour guides.

"Once we are done with what we call 'product identification,' we shall get the guides, the survivors to give first-hand narrative, and all these will be paid for their service," he said.

Mr Kiwanda said government would also erect lodging facilities on the route for tourists.

He said his ministry would engage people in the tourism sectors to publicise the matter so that the diaspora learn about it.

"We, therefore, intend to invite the tour operators so that they can start publicising and marketing the idea so the people in the diaspora may get to know about it. This trek helps us achieve that," Mr Kiwanda said.

Source: All Africa