Air Mauritius to boost capacity to Cape Town and Johannesburg

Air Mauritius is scheduled to increase flights to Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa from April this year, according to the airline’s regional general manager Carla da Silva.

The announcement was made on Sunday during an awards ceremony held annually to acknowledge the airline’s partners.

“I am very excited to announce that Air Mauritius is working towards injecting new and additional capacity into Cape Town and Johannesburg, effective April 2020. We have established both Leisure and Corporate value propositions, offering more value for money so that travel becomes more accessible,” da Silva said.

The announcement will be welcomed by citizens of both countries, especially South Africa whose national carrier, South African Airways, continues to face challenges to its long-term survival.

Mauritius, a popular holiday and business destination, heavily relies on tourism for public revenue, employment and foreign exchange. The island is renowned for its luxury beaches and spas.

Air Mauritius currently flies direct to 22 destinations in four continents.

Source: CGTN